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  • How long does bundles last?
    With the proper care, our bundles can last up to a year or more!
  • Will my bundles shed?
    All hair sheds, but with proper care there will be minimal to no shedding.
  • How often is the hair recommennded to be shampooed?
    Your hair requires maintenace every 2-3 weeks as if it was your own natural hair. This includes shampoo and conditioning the hair with sulfate-free products.
  • What hair products are recommended for maintaining my bundles?
    Joico Moisture Recovery and/or K-Pack Shampoo and Conditioner are recommended for all bundles.
  • How many bundles are recommended for a full sew-in?
    The density of bundles are fuller when the hair length is shorter, as the length increases the density is not as full. 12-18in: At least two bundles recommended for a full a few sew-in. 20-30in: At least three bundles are recommended for a full a sew-in.
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